Over at San Diego Comic Con there are more exclusives goodies than anyone can ever hope to buy. There’s also a bunch of free swag that gets overlooked or that you’ll never know about unless you’re actively looking for it. While there’s little monetary value in some of the free stuff you grab, it’s still fun to be able to brag about that time you got a bunch of magazines and didn’t have to spend a single penny.

TV Guide Magazine offers up plenty of free issues at San Diego Comic Con and next week will be no exception. Now nine years running, each year different and exciting pop culture TV shows are plastered on the magazine’s cover and distributed over at the Warner Bros. booth (#4545). The 88-page special magazine is actually eagerly sought after, if only because it’s a) a nice reminder of when you went to Comic Con and b) it’s great to get signed by the very celebrities on the cover.

For the most part, the show Supernatural is always on the cover, just as it will be this year. Along with the fan-favorite TV show, the other covers will feature Riverdale, a bunch of DC/WB TV characters from The Flash, Black Lightning, Green Arrow, and Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, and a special cover celebrating MAD Magazine.

If you’re attending SDCC, then you already know whether you’re eligible for signings. If so, and you can’t think of what to get signed, then why not have the cast of Riverdale, The Flash, Supernatural, etc. sign your magazines. After all, Warner Bros. typically hands out all four to each person who swings by their booth, so go for it!

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