And boy, does it look like the comic book character literally jumped off the page! Starring Tom Hardy, the Venom movie coming soon and fans are waiting to see whether Sony will do justice to the infamous alien monstrosity. After the first (somewhat polarizing) debut of the on-again-off-again anti-hero/villain Venom in the trailer, along with the mispronunciation of the word “symbiote”, people have been rather skeptical about what to expect. After a fair number of superhero movie flops (not including most of the stuff Marvel has done), people have a right to be cynical.

Well Sony and Entertainment Weekly, in what is likely in preparation for San Diego Comic Con next week, dropped this latest image of Venom and holy moly, I’ll be a monkey’ uncle if I’m not impressed. Granted, the make-or-break aspect of Venom’s appearance will be whether or not he has the white Spider-Man logo on his chest. If he does, that of course raises the question about how it got there and the symbiote’s connection to the wall-crawling hero. If not, fans are going to be livid. Even though Sony has said their Venom doesn’t exist in the same cinematic universe as Spider-Man, we’ll have to wait and see if that’s actually true or not; it’s near impossible to have Venom without Spidey.

For those of you attending San Diego Comic Con next week, you can catch the Sony (Venom) panel on July 20th at 6:15 pm in Hall H.

Venom comes to theaters October 5th.

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