The only reason I say “probably” is because nothing in life is certain. Having said that, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Marvel is going to make the announcement next week at San Diego Comic Con. After all, there’s a Spider-Man-centric panel on July 20 from 12:30-1:30 (in room 5AB if you’re interested). Though Marvel hasn’t come out and directly said, “We’re going to talk about The Superior Octopus,” they did reveal the following teaser today.

Truth be told, this is actually the second Spider-Man-related teaser Marvel put out today, having already revealed that they have big things in store for the character Spider-Gwen, the Spider-Woman of another dimension. Turns out, she’s going to start being called Ghost Spider…but we’re here to discuss Doctor Octopus, one of Spider-Man’s oldest foes, becoming a force for good (maybe?).

To those not in the know, a couple years ago Doctor Octopus hijacked Peter Parker’s body for a while, but eventually his mind was shunted off into a clone body of Parker as Peter retook control and became Spider-Man once more.

Be that as it may, we’ll have plenty of more details once everything unravels at San Diego Comic Con.

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