Today is a big day for Warner Bros. and the lovely people of Shazam! First we got the teaser image featuring lead actor Zachary Levi as the Golden Age hero Shazam, followed quickly by yet another big now announcement.

Many folks are likely aware of the fact (and if you’re aren’t that’s okay) that San Diego Comic Con is next week. If you’re attending the convention then chances are good you’ve already tried to plan out the 4-5 days of none-stop activities. Well here’s one more to add to the docket. Shazam! cinematographer Maxime Alexandre confirmed over on his Instagram that the trailer for Shazam! would debut next week at SDCC during the DC Films panel on Saturday, July 21, in Hall H.

All things considered this is pretty big news. With Marvel and Disney not attending the show, at least not in any massive fashion like in previous years, people’s enthusiasm for Hall H on Saturday had waned, a day typically synonymous for exciting news and ginormous movie trailers. Yes, Aquaman will be there and likely a couple other surprises too, but now there’s going to be a massive superhero movie that will appeal to many fans. What was once looking like a lackluster Saturday (some people were hoping it’d be easier to get into Hall H than in previous years because of the lack of news) has quickly become an event of renewed vigor that one cannot miss!

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