The Mission: Impossible movies have lately become known for two things: Tom Cruise taking every possible risk in the name of filmmaking, and amazing over-the-top scenes and plots. Said plots don’t always make much sense, but they don’t have to. You’re watching an action movie, not The Godfather. Anyway, Cruise is going to be once again laughing in the face of death, as he endures punishing stunt after punishing stunt. With every movie and set piece bigger than the last, Paramount Pictures has released a new IMAX poster for Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Showcasing the gnarliest scene from the trailer, the poster depicts Tom Cruise battling Henry Cavil in an opposing helicopter. It should also come as no surprise to learn that Cruise insisted on doing all the stunts himself and even learned how to fly a helicopter…because at this point, why the hell not?

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