If you’re a fan of horror and/or Stephen King (the two are pretty synonymous), then you’ve probably heard about the upcoming show Castle Rock over on Hulu. Though there’s been plenty of news on the show, and even news that the makers of Castle Rock are going to be bringing the production to San Diego Comic Con next week, we haven’t seen much footage. Well now a trailer is up and about, and true to form with regards to anything King creates, it’s rather haunting.

The Castle Rock trailer directly references plenty of King’s other work, like Cujo and It to name a few. However, it appears Castle Rock will collect a bunch of elements from other works by King, throwing them all into the kitchen sink in the hopes of creating an epic narrative.

These days, audiences are familiar with the concept of a shared universe, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, but it’s something we haven’t seen much on TV, unless you’re counting spin-offs. It’ll be rather intriguing to see much of King’s work all interconnected.

Produced by J.J. Abrams and with Stephen King as the executive producer, word on the street is that the two creators are making sure to say true to King’s vision with relation to his characters.

Like most of King’s stories, Castle Rock centers around a small town where evil has decided to make its home. Starring Bill Skarsgard (as maybe the Devil), the show is set to premiere on July 25th.

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