It’s amazing to think that Avengers: Infinity War came out almost three months ago (where does the time go)! Since Thanos and his infamous finger snap, resulting in the death of half the sentient life in the universe, the movie has raked in over $2 billion!

For fans of the movie itself, Infinity War completely changed the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Non-comic book readers were left at something of a loss at seeing many of their favorite heroes kick the proverbial bucket. Well, for those of you eager to experience the event at home, Marvel announced that Avengers: Infinity War will arrive on digital on July 31st, and August 14th on Blu-ray.

To get viewers pumped up, Marvel sent out an epic promo, highlighting many of the awesome bits of Infinity War. So sit back and prepare to have your spine tingle yet again with eager anticipation and awe!

Personally, it feels like only yesterday when the movie was in theaters; now it’s coming to home video? The turnaround these days of getting movies in the homes of consumers is pretty darn quick if you ask me.

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