What I say next is a surprise to no one: Archie has been around for a long time. Archie Comics first kicked off back in 1942 and hasn’t showed much sign of slowing down. Though readership has waned from time to time, which is to be expected from a nearly 80-year old franchise, Archie and the gang continue capturing the imagination of audiences today.

Granted, part of the lasting appeal in the year 2018 is partly thanks to the show Riverdale, which took Archie and friends in directions no one could have dreamed. At the same time, writing maestro Mark Waid has been doing his part, delivering amazing story after amazing story with each issue of Archie he’s penned over the last couple years.

Archie is seeing a resurgence like never before, and with issue #700 coming up, it’s time to once again shake things up. In fact, a new creative team has been announced. Featuring writer Nick Spencer (Secret Empire) and artist Marguerite Sauvage, the creators have promised to deliver an operatic story.

Nick Spencer spoke with The New York Times , going over his plans for Archie. While the TV show Riverdale has offered a darker interpretation of the Archie universe, what with sex and violence, Spencer is going to keep things family-friendly.

Archie #700 hits shelves this November. I admit, I’m curious and excited to see what new direction Spencer and company takes with the iconic characters.

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