Every once in a while you come across a video on the Internet that is too awesome for words; your brain isn’t sure how to make sense of the waves of epics sights and sounds unfolding in front of your eyes. That’s something akin to what we have here. In what I can only describe as the remarkable and surreal lovechild of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the musical group Empire of the Sun, and some third, unnamed party, here is the brand-new single from the group Ninja Sex Party to promote their upcoming album.

The video for the song Danny Don’t You Know, stars the young actor Finn Wolfhard, who you might recognize as Mike Wheeler from Netflix’s much-loved Stranger Things. The song is the first single off the album Cool Patrol, which will be coming out on August 17th.

Anyway, the point of all this is to say that your brain needs a pick-me-up every so often, and Danny Don’t You Know is perfect in that regard. Not that you need a summary about the music video’s narrative and what it’s about, but it essentially focuses on Danny’s future self singing an epic ballad to his younger self about how life will be more incredible once he grows up.

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