When the previous trailer for Fox’s upcoming The Predator was released, voices around the Internet made it known that they weren’t terribly impressed. To be fair, it’s no mean feat to expand on a mythology that’s been around since the ‘80s, but the initial trailer that director Shane Black sold me on his vision for monstrous hunter aliens intrigued me.

Now the new trailer has been released, and it does a pretty good job at demonstrating what’s gonna happen. If you’re particularly averse to spoilers, then you ought to consider avoiding the trailer altogether, as it pretty much show’s all of the movie’s central moments. To those who want to throw caution to the wind, check it out. From what we can tell a Predator lands on Earth, goes on a rampage in a small town, with some human soldiers caught in its path, and then a new super Predator surfaces.

Set to release on September 14th, The Predator isn’t terribly far away.


On another note, 20th Century Fox is bringing The Predator to San Diego Comic Con in a couple weeks. More specifically, they’re (probably) going to be unveiling new footage (even though showing anymore would show the whole movie) in Hall H on Thursday, July 19th, and the cast and filmmakers will be there.

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