As far as San Diego Comic Con is concerned, there are no toy companies larger than Mattel and Hasbro. They are the kings of the toy industry and are known for having the license to manufacture any kind of toy from any corner of pop culture. Each year at SDCC, the lines for both Hasbro and Mattel are literally out the door; waiting to buy something from either takes an entire day, no joke. Because of the figurative feeding frenzy that erupts from the moment the doors open, Mattel has attempted to keep things reasonably civil by introducing a pre-sale system a couple years ago.

This year is no different and Mattel’s first line of San Diego Comic Con exclusives will be available for pre-sale on Tuesday, June 26th at 10AM PT over on their website at .

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to get a look at Mattel’s first couple SDCC exclusives and boy, do they look fun!

The first one is a throwback to Superman in Action Comics #1 with the Hot Wheels DC Superman Action Comics #1 for $20.

Next up is the DC Comics Multiverse Aquaman Between Two Dooms Figures 3-Pack, which is based on the original cover from 1962. As you can see, the 3-pack includes Aquaman, Black Manta, and Ocean Master. It will sell for $60 and I kinda want it…seriously. I mean, have you seen that awesome box it’s coming in?

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