If you’re at all familiar with and/or are a fan of ‘80s action/sports movies, then odds are you’re well acquainted with Rocky IV. A legendary film with iconic music, Rocky IV is known for a great many things, but the inclusion of the villain Ivan Drago (played by Dolph Lundgren) is chief among them. Providing a new level of opponent for Rocky Balboa, Drago cemented himself as an iconic baddie the moment he killed boxer Apollo Creed.

Flash-forward to thirty-something years later and we got Creed, the spin-off movie to the Rocky franchise. Revolving around Apollo’s son Adonis (played by Michael B. Jordan), Rocky now served as a mentor and teacher to the young fighter, rather than a boxer himself.

Well, Creed II is officially happening and thanks to the trailer above, it looks like a shadow from Team Rocky’s past has come back to haunt the heroes. The trailer presents a new Drago, just as strong as the original, that’s come to play for keeps. The question is whether Adonis can take on this new caliber of villain or if he’ll share the same fate as his dad.

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