For years, the idea of an Invincible movie or TV show, based off Robert Kirkman’s highly successful and amazing comic book, was tossed around endlessly. Sometime last year Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg announced they were on board to make a live-action Invincible film with Universal Pictures. That obviously never happened. Since then, Amazon swooped in and made a deal with Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment.

The “adult animated” series is going to be a total of eight episodes, with each episode being an hour-long. Considering the fanbase of Invincible, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to imagine a first season is only the beginning for the show.

For those unaware about Invincible to begin with, I can’t recommend it enough. Kirkman’s series followed a young superhero coming into his own. Yet there are plenty of subversions to the genre, along with a ridiculous amount of bloodshed, which helped transform Invincible into one of the most incredibly unique and well-received comic books from the past decade. If you haven’t read it, then now’s the time. If you have read Invincible and loved it, then this is probably music to your ears.

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