Amidst Marvel’s original Secret Wars in the ‘80s, Spider-Man happened across a new outfit. Dubbed his “black costume”, Spidey didn’t question the abilities or seeming sentience of his flashy duds. After the fracas on Battleworld, the heroes returned to Earth, including Spider-Man. Unwittingly, he brought back a living alien symbiote that was secretly trying to bond with him.

Peter didn’t question the costume or its properties until it was almost too late, completely oblivious to the fact that the creature had a mind of its own. While Peter wore the alien suit, there were nights when the living costume would shanghai Spidey’s sleeping body to go on nightly outings. What these outings entailed, no one knew, and Peter would wake up the following day feeling exhausted, as though he hadn’t slept.

Spider-Man, thanks to the Fantastic Four, eventually discovered the costume was a living symbiote. He had it removed and imprisoned, but it later escaped and would bond with Eddie Brock, becoming Venom. Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The advance solicits of Marvel Comic’s September releases revealed that the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 is a flashback issue and seek to unveil what was going on while Peter thought he was asleep. Of course, this likely won’t end well for our web-slinging hero.

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