With only a month to go until the global phenomenon that is San Diego Comic Con, companies are slowly unveiling all the wonderful exclusives they’ll be bringing to the show. Like they have for many years prior, Funko is sparing no expense in giving the people what they want. In this case, that’s Dragon Ball vinyl figures.

Having revealed more and more of their SDCC exclusives, their latest wave was just announced on Funko’s website ! There are a ton of characters in the Dragon Ball franchise that are beloved, but one who hasn’t seen much in the way of action figures, is Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. Known for both his hatred of Goku and seemingly limitless power, Broly is a fan-favorite character over in the U.S. Showing off his radiant hair and huge muscles (relatively speaking for a Funko figure), Broly is ready to lay adorable siege to your toy shelf.

Following Broly, you have the Earth hero Yamcha, the character who everyone loves to hate. Having suffered a reputation of being inherently worthless on the field of battle, it’s not at all surprising (but rather hilarious) to see that the Yamcha figure is called ‘Dead Yamcha”. Following his demise at the hands of one of the Saibamen, Yamcha never lived the defeat down…literally.

The final figure is Vegeta. Of course it’s not just any regular depiction of the Saiyan Prince, but instead this vinyl figure of Goku’s rival/friend is completely gold. Knowing Vegeta, he’d probably deem a golden figure in his honor to be appropriate.

Like with most exclusives at SDCC, if you’re headed to the convention and are looking to snag some epic Dragon Ball Funko Pops! move quickly; they’ll probably sell out in short order.

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