And why not? This isn’t the first time Marvel has played this respective card, with a Spidey! series having been done back in the 80s by Marvel UK. Regardless, some say comics have gotten too serious in recent days and are no longer kid-friendly. On some level, I can agree with this argument, but since I’m no longer a child, it doesn’t really affect me too much. Even so, I support kids reading comic books, especially Spider-Man themed comics, as he was my gateway superhero.


Spidey! will focus on a high-school Peter Parker and according to the Marvel’s advertisement blurb, the series is, “Charting the four-colored time machine through is writer Robbie Thompson (Silk) and artist Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men). Together, the creative team will swing headfirst into Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s famed era of Spider-Man stories, while honoring other Spider-Man heavyweights like Todd McFarlane, Dan Slott, Gerry Conway, and more. But one constant that readers can count on in this in-continuity series, however, are iconic villains, the old Parker Luck, and brand-new legends of its own. And harkening even closer to the silver age of Marvel storytelling, each issue of Spidey will carry a one-and-done format, giving new, lapsed, or veteran readers clean and accessible Spider-Man stories unburdened by continuity”. So there you have it! All-Ages or otherwise, I’m going to at least be checking out the first issue!

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