Jurassic World

It’s been too long since we had a great dinosaur-themed movie. Thankfully, director Colin Trevorrow was kind enough to film one, with the results being nothing short of fantastic! When it comes to all things Jurassic World, my opinion is the following: if the kid in you is alive and well, then you’ll enjoy the heck out of it! There are critics trying to find the most inane reasons to hate on the latest in the Jurassic Park franchise; everything from how the raptors don’t have feathers to there being too much CGI. Clearly, they couldn’t find anything substantial to actually say. Regardless, that’s neither here or there, because what matters is that on the past five days, I’ve seen Jurassic World twice and adored it each time. My personal recommendation? Go see it. That is unless you don’t like awesome dinosaur-related things. You can read my review over at Bleeding Cool !

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