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Watch the Awesomeness That Is “Kung Fury”!

Posted by TymeHunter on May 29, 2015

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already aware of the 80s-themed renegade-cop movie. And at this point, if you’re still reading, my only question is why? Stop reading and get to watching! Featuring kung fu, Norse gods, mutants, Nazis, a ridiculous amount of explosions, and our kung-fu cop protagonist riding a T-Rex, the movie has it all. The epicness doesn’t end there however. What do you say to 80s legend David Hasselhoff singing/performing the film’s theme song? You say yes, please, and thank you! That’s what you say! Below is that particular jewel of a music video. I simply cannot express how happy Kung Fury makes me! I’m just glad their Kickstarter campaign was successful in raising $200 thousand. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have gotten this beautiful, beautiful movie.

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