Or rather, my ode to the Backstreet Boys. My interest in the band, which has laid format for a short while now, suddenly reignited in a fiery passion with the power of a thousand suns the moment I saw the documentary Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of. You think you know the Backstreet Boys? You don’t. Their history is amazingly complex and profound; the documentary offers insight into many facets of their lives you probably remained unaware of. All I know is I was thrilled to see the movie, and am exceptionally happy that they are performing again. I think you’ll enjoy the film significantly more than you’re anticipating. Hopefully it’ll rekindle the enthusiasm we all shared for the band many years ago. You can read my review at Bleeding Cool .  To get you started, here’s a refresher to the epicness that was, and is, the Backstreet Boys:

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