Wowza! Aside from the show’s title being a bit long, I have absolutely zero problems with the trailer. As opposed to the Supergirl trailer yesterday, which seemed eerily reminiscent of SNL’s Black Widow parody, everything in Legends of Tomorrow works! I can see DC slowly paving the way for a Justice Society or Justice League. We’re getting there. These sorts of things take time, especially if you want to execute them right, but by golly, I can’t help but get excited!

I’ll say this, when it comes to television, DC has got it made. They found the secret formula and are sticking to it! Can we also please take a moment to acknowledge how Arthur Darvill is Rip Hunter, a time traveller from the future?! I’m over the moon that they brought in Mr. Darvill, and in a time-travelling capacity no less!

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