As for who else will make up the rest of the team? It’s anybody’s guess at the moment, since all we can see is Thor and Ms. Marvel, along with a couple silhouetted heroes, facing off against the Radioactive Man (at least I think it’s him). Anyway, the team will assemble after Secret Wars ends and then…nobody knows. A whole new Marvel universe is going to exist, at least that’s what the big wigs are saying, so anything goes really. Heck, i wouldn’t be too surprised to see a villain or two joining the *ahem* All-New, All-Different  Avengers just because. Boy, that’s a lengthy title.  If you’ve got any thoughts as to who will be a part of this new Avengers team, please let me know!

Regardless, this is the cover that will be featured on Free Comic Book Day, which is on May 2nd, in case you were wondering. Until then, let’s wait, guess, and see what happens!

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