In the biggest movie news to be revealed since, well, ever, Marvel and Sony announced two nights ago that Spider-Man will finally be joining the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)! It’s been a long time coming, with fans clamoring for the web-slinger to be featured alongside the likes of the Avengers.

According to the deal, Spidey will first appear in a Marvel film, followed by a Sony-produced movie on July 28, 2017. While Marvel will be able to make movies starring Spider-Man, Sony Pictures will still maintain creative control over the upcoming Spider-Man films. Even so, just like when Disney bought Marvel and everyone freaked out, I’m positive Sony is going to let Marvel do pretty much anything they want, including, and not limited to, letting Spider-Man be a part of Infinity War. Because really, that’s what we want to see!

So which movie will shotgun Spider-Man into the Marvel Universe? We don’t know yet, but dollars to donuts it’ll be Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016. Considering the pivotal role he played in the comics, I, along with countless others, speculate Spider-Man will appear here.

More questions. Who will the direct the new Spider-Man movie? Who’ll take on the role of the wall-crawler? At this point, it’s anybody’s guess, but Sony and Marvel have made it clear that they’re looking for a high school Spidey, so it’ll presumably be somebody young. It’s already been said that former Spider-Man Andrew Garfield is just that, a superhero no more.  Until we know further, just imagine the possibilities! It’s a wonderful Spider-Man-filled cinematic world out there!

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