Big news today! VERY big news!!! Marvel  released its official calendar/schedule for their Phase III movies and wow, the list is  impressive! So many possibilities are now open for the Marvel cinematic universe, and so many more story lines can now be told, as they evidently will. I can only imagine that Comic Con in the coming years will be even more insane on account of these movies. Here’s the lineup, in order, for what’s to come.


1. Captain America: Civil War– May 6, 2016

Hero vs. Hero. It’ll be hard to watch but it’s the sort of game-changer studios are often afraid to make. I for one will probably have my heart broken, watching Cap fight (most likely) Iron Man, but written well, there’s no reason it cannot be a masterpiece.


2. Doctor Strange– November 4, 2016

Even though Kevin Feige said today that Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange is not “official”, I think we’re all still pretty pumped to see Marvel films take on the magical side of their comic book universe, a portion of the world we have’t seen before.


3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2– May 5, 2017

Come on, are you really surprised? Everyone and their brother went to see the first Guardians, and not only did they see it, but loved it. This is the least shocking reveal of them all.


4. Thor: Ragnarok– July 28, 2017

The title alone signifies that this could be the end for the God of Thunder. I want this movie to come out, but I’m terribly afraid that I will break down in tears should I see Thor bite the dust.


5. Black Panther– November 3, 2017

Finally. Black Panther is finally here. With actor Chadwick Boseman confirmed top play the part, I think this one is a long time coming!


6. Captain Marvel– July 6, 2018

Marvel’s female fan-base have been clamoring for a solo female-lead superhero movie. Well, ladies, here you go! Marvel’s been promising for a while that they’d get around to making one, but I guess they were just biding their time until they could ensure they had everything in place. I’m very curious as to how Captain Marvel will play out.


7/8. Avengers: Infinity War Parts I and II– May 2018 and 2019

Holy mackerel!! There’s no way all our heroes are escaping this one alive. If Phase III is the last Phase, and maybe it is, then there’s no reason to believe Marvel might take the ultimate gamble and kill off their heroes. The battle against Thanos will have been long in the making by this point, and it seems only fitting that it will require two whole movies to tell the tale. If you’ve read the comic, then you have a pretty good idea as to the scope of the story. Avengers: Infinity War will most likely be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.


9. Inhumans– November 2018

Unless you’re a comic book fan, you probably haven’t heard of the Inhumans. Similar in their obscurity to the Guardians of the Galaxy, here we go with another movie with lesser known heroes that will hopefully turn out to be a fanboy favorite.


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