Time was not too long ago when we didn’t know director Garth Edward. Now, thanks to Godzilla, that’s all changed. Yet before his Hollywood epic featuring the King of the Monsters, we had his debut film Monsters. Upon my first viewing, I wasn’t particularly impressed by the film, as I was more interested in watching giant monsters destroying things, and less captivated by a very human story, driven by characterization, plot development, and a tiny budget. Since Godzilla, I’m pretty sure Mr. Edwards can do whatever he wants, with his budgets far grander than they were with his first movie. The sequel to Monsters, Monsters: Dark Continent clearly takes everything he wanted to do in the first film, and incorporates it in here. Yes, there’s giant creatures running around causing mayhem, but there’s also a very human element, a theme now common in Edwards’ films. However, just like Monsters, there’s something else clearly going on. If I remember the first movie correctly, everything was just a big ol’ misunderstanding (though don’t quote on me that) and it’ll be interesting to see what new shenanigans find their way into Monsters: Dark Continent.

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