Spin-offs are a tricky business, especially when the spin-off is of a mightily successful show like Arrow. Sometimes they work, other times not so much. When Arrow introduced Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, showrunners also went on to announce they were giving the Scarlet Speedster his own TV show. For the most part, fans and audiences alike were pleased by the news. While operating in the same respective universe, the two characters, along with their stories and shows, take place in completely different cities with very different scenarios popping up.

The Flash operates in a world where super powers aren’t exactly the norm. However, people are becoming more open to the idea, especially after a freak accident takes place, giving Barry Allen, and others, their powers. Without spoiling anything, it’s clear that the writers and producers have a big plan in store, throwing in a fair number of Easter Eggs into the pilot episode, and already we’re aware of an extended plot. Yet the first episode deals primarily with Barry coming to terms with his newfound abilities, and how to go about using them, all the while struggling to maintain his super-powered life and his normal life.

In that vain, the episode’s greatest moment takes place when said character meets Green Arrow on top a rooftop, seeking advice. The exchange is fantastic, and the way the scene ends left the audience I was with cheering. I love knowing that Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow will be making cameos here and there and vice versa. Both men have an interesting impact on the other and it’ll be a relationship worth examining further as Arrow and The Flash continue on their respective journeys. We were also teased with the name of an upcoming episode: The Flash vs. Green Arrow.

There were a few minor drawbacks to The Flash, chief of them it being a pilot episode. While it definitely worked and leaves the viewer craving more, the episode was choppy, weirdly paced, and cut to scenes almost spontaneously. As pilots go, The Flash is left with work cut out for it; right now everything feels rushed and a tad forced, but hopefully as the show progresses, the kinks will get ironed out, leaving us with the gleaming potential The Flash has to offer. Airing on the CW on October 7, you don’t have to wait long to catch a glimpse of The Flash.

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