Aside from Blade, X-Men is the franchise that paved the way for superhero movies to the brought into the modern age. Since the first film way back in 2000, we’ve had seven X-Men-related movies, though not all of them especially good. I couldn’t get enough of X-Men: First Class and it’s good to see the same team and energy from that film brought to Days of Future Past. It’s prevalent to note the number of X-Men movies if only to illustrate director Bryan Singer’s ability to retcon everything as he saw fit. There’s been a great deal of confusion amongst fan, about what did and didn’t happen, continuity wise, since all the X-Men films don’t agree with one another. Sure, if you really want to stretch the bounds of what did and didn’t happen, it’s possible, but ultimately pointless, because, spoiler alert, Singer throws it all away.

Having said all that, X-Men: Days of Future Past takes all the lessons learned from its predecessor, First Class, and blends it together with time travel, all the while injecting a flavorful concoction of comic book goodness and wonderful filmmaking. The result? The X-Men movie I’ve been waiting for! So what if not all of it makes sense? When it comes to time travel and X-Men, nothing ever makes sense. Read the comics if you don’t believe me. They’re chalk full of bizarre and insane happenstances, with the only true explanations being “Comics!”.

What we have here is a superhero movie that works. Granted, Wolverine is once again our central protagonist, and while Hugh Jackman embodies the role like never before, it might be time to have another X-Man take center stage. Overexposure of any character will eventually run across ground. Regardless, at least for now, Wolverine serves as the audience’s guide, both throughout all the X-Men movies, but in Days of Future Past too. Time travel tends to bring about complications, and despite a filmmakers best intentions, sometimes we need a little explanation here and there.

If you’ve read the comic, the story the movie is based off, than you already have a pretty solid understanding of what to expect. Why Kitty Pryde doesn’t get sent back as she does in the source material is a question I cannot answer, as it would have definitely made a very different film. Thankfully, the future and the past are not too incongruous, as they work in tandem. And for the X-Men? Pretty much every hero we’ve seen over the past seven movies gets included in one way or another. The few that survive in the far future, while their roles are marginal, certainly supply much wanted fan service. But really, the whole movie is a giant homage to classic X-Men tales and having foes like Magneto engaging in corny and classic-style villainous plots. Let it be said that Michael Fassbender’s Magneto and James McAvoy’s Professor Xavier’s relationship finally get explored in a way I adored. Yes, in First Class we had their first meetings, but after their divide? All we knew was from the first X-Men movie, but what of all the steps in between? It’s rather fascinating, watching two friend-turned-rivals, two men who want the same thing, but go about it very differently.

Able to look beyond the flaws and inconsistencies that pop up, X-Men: Days of Future Past gave me everything I wanted in an X-Men movie. Even with a character like Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters, whom I had doubts about initially, totally and completely blew my expectations out of the water. His now famous scene cemented him in the hearts and minds of everyone who’s seen the movie.

You don’t have to be a comic book aficionado to enjoy X-Men: Days of Future Past, rather all you need is an appreciation for superheroes, general wackiness, and movies. Since it’s still in many theaters, if you haven’t seen it by now, do so; this is a movie that deserves to be viewed on the big screen.

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