The star of Superman Returns, Brandon Routh will be taking on the role of Ray Palmer, The Atom, in season 3 of the CW’s Arrow! Apparently, the character will appear in Oliver’s life in order to take over Queen Consolidated, though I can imagine his takeover will be benign. There’s even been some chatter going about that Routh’s character might get romantically entangled with fan-favorite Felicity Smoak.

Brandon Routh hasn’t been in much since Superman Returns, but what he’s been in, movies like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and TV shows like Chuck, exemplify his acting chops. If I’d been asked to give you a list of actors I expected to play the Atom, Mr. Routh would not be among them, but now that he’s been cast, I’m definitely pleased by the choice.

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  1. I think it says a lot about the actor’s talent to be playing a character known more for his scientific talents, rather than being an iconic and imposing hero. I’m excited to see what the Atom bring to Starling City in the new series. Maybe this will lead to a spinoff alongside Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad? Come on, those need to happen!


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