On Wednesday, Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man concluded. By that I mean the series officially ended. Truly a sad occurrence, I will solemnly miss the adventures of Buddy Baker, fighting his way through the horrors and nightmares the Red and Rot offered. Not really a superhero comic book in the classical sense, the series delved more into horror and fantasy, and doing a superb job of it along the way. Rich with characterization and marvelous storytelling, Animal Man is a book for those people who doubt the comic book medium. While not the end for Mr. Jeff Lemire, who will be going on to write Justice League United, it’s notable that he was able to take a B-list character and make him special. Prior to his run, your average citizen certainly wouldn’t have known about the character, even now they probably don’t, but the exposure Buddy Baker, former Hollywood stuntman who acquires animal powers, received was exceptional. I will miss Animal Man. It was different, unique, and represented the types of risks good writers can and should take, creating entire worlds, while making everything work like a beautifully orchestrated symphony.

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