At this point, I’m starting to feel that Wolverine might be getting a tad overexposed. While i’m obviously going to see any movie featuring the three-clawed mutant, I am, like probably most people at this point, rather wary. Word broke when The Wolverine director James Mangold tweeted how he would be shooting the next Wolverine movie after the X-Men Apocalypse film. Since Age of Apocalypse is scheduled to hit theaters on May 17, 2016, this means we would get a Wolverine movie probably in 2017, if not a bit earlier. The biggest question on everyone’s lips is also the most obvious one: will Hugh Jackman be back? The man is getting older by the year, and while he puts out a stellar performance as Wolverine, it might be time to pass the torch. After all, three more years as the character? Since Jackman’s contract ends after Age of Apocalypse, it’s conceivable we could be getting a new actor to play Wolverine…or not.  Like everything else, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. I’m tired of people saying actor’s are too old to play parts. That’s up to them and the movie magic that follows! Their actors, if their heart’s in it, they can be anything they want. Whether Jackman wants to remain committed to all of the intense work that comes with the role of Logan, that’s another question. I for one would be tired and ready to move on to different roles in films.


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