It certainly seems that way! Screen Gems, a subsidiary of Sony, will be releasing a film version of the Playstation 3 hit, The Last of Us! This is amazing news; if you played the game, then you know the richness of the characters and the story. There exists a level of emotion and depth, the likes of which is extremely rare to the video game medium.  Add on the game’s ability to instill terror in even the most hardened gamers, having you stealthily make your way across a post-apocalyptic city, all the while staving off vicious flesh-eating monsters and all-too human psychopaths, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Neil Druckmann, the man/genius who wrote the game script, will be penning the movie adaptation as well, accompanied by other Naughty Dog studio members. While I’m positive the movie will send me home weeping in fright, I cannot think of another game within the genre that deserves this recognition more.

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