Wednesday featured the revealing of the new Spider-Man for Marvel’s Ultimate Universe in the popular series, Ultimate Fallout. With Peter Parker killed just a few weeks ago in the Death of Spider-Man story line, the question as to who would take the mantle of the famous web-slinger weighed incessantly on everybody’s mind. Now the identity of the new Spider-Man has been revealed as Miles Morales, a half-black and half-Latino young man. Obviously Marvel is attempting to branch out with a more ethnic superhero, in an effort to create popular multi-racial characters,  not wanting to simply stay with the typical white male cast. Frankly, I don’t have any problems with this; it’s an interesting take to say the least and this is we have alternate universes. For those of you who want your white Spider-Man, then there are still plenty of titles in the regular Marvel universe books. However, I can’t help but notice how Miles looks a tad like our current president. Maybe that’s just me. While his origin story wasn’t released on Wednesday, come September with the new Ultimate Spider-Man series, all will be explained…hopefully.

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