However you might feel about the teen pop sensation, denying the worth director Jon Chou’s feature documentary about Justin Bieber, is pure folly. What I’m noticing, the more and more I try and convince people that ‘Never Say Never’ succeeds at being a very good movie, is others basing their refusal to watch the movie on their distaste for Bieber, the stereotypical dislike for the 17 year old pop star; as if watching the movie would act against them. Regardless, if you watch the movie as a movie, and not as an attempt to get you to fall head over heels with Justin Bieber, then I think you will all be pleasantly surprised.

Having never been a fan of documentaries to begin with, I found myself initially reluctant to endure Bieber in 3D. Still, putting aside all false pretenses, I marched boldly in. Throughout the journey that happened to be ‘Never Say Never,” something rather strange had occurred: I found myself not only liking Justin Bieber, but his music. Of course you’re well within your god-given rights to hate his music, but if nothing else, his story proves interesting.

I’ve always found the origin of those famous, and even those I’m acquainted with, to make for fascinating stories. Everyone has a tale to tell and such remains the case with Justin Bieber. He didn’t just suddenly pop up on the music charts and airwaves, rendering thousands of teenage girls into quivering masses, but he too began from somewhere. I could tell you his complete origin story and be done with it, but that would only remove further incentive to see the film. Granted, Bieber, unbeknownst to many, has indeed had to work, and work hard, for everything he’s achieved.

A certain joy comes with watching ‘Never Say Never’, allowing you to leave the theater feeling substantially happier than from when you entered. Bieber himself resonates a positive and upbeat energy, which becomes clear as the movie progresses; an energy that captures you. Inspirational would be another way to describe the story of Justin Bieber because it’s not just his tale that’s heartwarming, but your own. The viewer feels like they too can achieve their goals, and therein lays one of Bieber’s greatest strengths: his ability to empathize with everyone else. He knows people want to live their dreams, want to sometimes feel special. Bieber not only is aware of this fact, but also uses it. Taking random people from the audience at his concerts and serenading them on stage, Bieber gives someone a unique moment; one they will never forget.

Justin Bieber, a young man who understands people and their desires a little more than we give him credit for. A film worth seeing, a way to better understand the worldwide phenomenon that he’s become in such short order, “Never Say Never,” like a substantial amount of documentaries out there, emanates a poignancy that shouldn’t be ignored.


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