Starring Nicolas Cage, and as though you needed to know any more, ‘Drive Angry’ pays respect to the grind-house era action flick. With gratuitous violence and over-the-top fight sequences, Cage gives us the performance we all like to smirk at.  Hell, I love a action movie as much as the next guy and watching Cage on screen with bleached hair blowing the kingdom come out of anyone who stands in his way, why, that’s just pure cinematic genius.

Having broken out of hell in search of revenge for those who killed his daughter and stole his grandchild, Cage is a man on a mission, with little on his mind other than shooting up the bad guys and behaving in a rather kindly manner to those who do right by him. People laugh at the plot, but really, if you’re going into the movie for the premise, then you should probably question yourself for why you’re sitting in the theater in the first place. Leave whatever thoughts about Shakespearean acting you have at the door and brace yourself for a full-on Nick Cage flick.

Of course you’ll feel you’ve gained an added bonus when you see ‘Drive Angry’ in 3D, as I had the fortune to experience. You can tell parts of the film were especially made so as to force you to wear those plastic glasses; from bullets to severed limbs flying in all manner of direction.  Though to be fair, watching Nicholas Cage in 3D in the middle of a gunfight, all the while having sex, really deserves, for lack of a better word, respect, as images of a similar sequence from ‘Shoot Em’ Up’ come to mind. Just as you think the movie couldn’t get any more insane, Cage takes it up a couple notches until your mind feels as though the greasy-haired man standing before you took his shotgun to your skull.

William Fichtner, as the Accountant, is a slightly morally ambiguous baddie, playing his part steadfastly and might be one of the more interesting villains I’ve seen since…okay, I was lying, he’s cool, but he’s no Hans Gruber. Still, the movie increases its worth through Fichtner’s ambivalence to the carnage he causes. The rest of the  bad guys merely serve as target practice for Mr. Cage with the director being suspiciously fond of gory leg trauma. Yes, there are moments when people get parts of their legs blown wide open, only to have someone stab a pen into their gaping wounds; did I mention the film’s gratuitous nature?

‘Drive Angry’, a movie better suited for a night out with the guys after having copious amounts of alcohol, will probably become a midnight film people enjoy seeing and laughing at. Frankly, I enjoyed the cheesy novelty of the movie, as it doesn’t take itself seriously, knowing full what kind of movie it is. For that alone I give ‘Drive Angry some street cred and for all you Nicholas Cage haters out there, you’ve been blessed with another film to groan over as you wonder when the man will actually stop making movies.


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