Though I may have no idea what the initial plot behind this particular episode might be, I do know that it’s entirely awesome! A scene from the new Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger series over in Japan, as opposed to the U.S. Power Rangers Samurai, what we have here is a beautiful moment featuring virtually EVERY Power Ranger from the past three decades. The sheer scale of this blows my mind, and even if you’re not the largest fan of Power Rangers, you’ll be hard pressed to not enjoy this. Furthermore, I’m forced to wonder what exactly went through the minds of the bad guys as they witnessed a literal army of Rangers descending upon them. Fear? Self-loathing?

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  1. Hi! It’s UkiyaSeed from Orends: Range. Anyways, the plot of Gokaiger is that years ago (according to the 2nd episode, maybe 5-10 years), all Super Sentai teams since 1975 gather to fight an alien empire called, Zangyack who decided to lay their eyes on earth. At the very end, Aka Ranger (Translated as Red Ranger, since Japan likes to use the English word for Red more) and the other teams decided to sacrifice their powers thus defeating the Zangyack fleet… for now. And so, years later, our group of Pirates, the Gokaigers decided to go to Earth to find the “Greatest Treasure of the Entire Universe” and asides from that, Zangyack returns to try to invade it once again.

    If you are interested to watch the first episode, subs are available here:

    As of now, the series has four episodes with a couple of former Sentai heroes making their cameo. The last one was Kai Ozu, who is basically, Nick’s Japanese counterpart on Power Rangers Mystic Force (Magiranger in Japan).


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