The Power Rangers (Super Sentai over in Japan) are back! This time, as pirates, giving us the Pirate Rangers! According to the blog OrendsRange:

Asides that they utilize the same colors of the first team, Goranger, you should take note that some elements of their original costume are seen in this one. Our heroes will use the henshin device called, Mobairets a combination of the words, mobile and pirates. They also use items calledRangerKeys, keys with the likeness of previous Sentai heroes which they can use to transform into those heroes to fight the enemies.

Their weapons are: GoukaiKen, a sword and GoukaiGun, a gun which they can use to fight their enemies! This season’s Red Ranger, GoukaiRed will pilot a pirate ship mecha called, GoukaiGalleon which they can use to form their gattai robo, GoukaiOh.

According to the rumors that surfaced back then, most fans dubbed this group as “Decade Sentai” due to the fact that they will travel in various Super Sentai Universe with their pirate ship which will be this season’s giant robo.”

So let me make it clear for you:

1) The Power Rangers will be pirates

2) They will drive a massive pirate ship robot…(presumably) IN SPACE!!!

That is all.

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