Boys and girls, the wait is over and the trailer for Green Lantern has at last arrived! Needless to say this will be the highlight of my day. The 30 second clip that I posted several days ago did not do the movie justice, and while I still remain a tad skeptical over the special effects, everything else seems downright awesome! Maybe it’s due to my love of superheroes and the affection I have for Green Lantern that has somehow blinded me to the movie’s true quality, though I doubt this is the case. I cannot express my enthusiasm enough; Ryan Reynolds, who at first I thought was just going to be himself dressed as Green Lantern, seems to be doing the role of Hal Jordan quite well. Additionally, I feel I should point out that the final few seconds of the trailer as he’s saying the Green Lantern oath made me have a complete nerdgasm to the nth power.

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