Forgiving my poor title, let’s try and move on, shall we? For all intensive purposes I’m privy to believing that The Eagle can be seen as a sequel to Centurion, even though they are not connected in any significant way except for a little bit of the story. Channing Tatum hasn’t been a good movie in, like, ever, a fact I think most of you will agree with me on. I’m not sure how I feel about him playing the part of a Roman solider, but it’s looking like he’s busting out all his acting chops for this one. Jamie Bell on the other hand, an actor I absolutely adore since his breakthrough role in Billy Elliot, should be just fine. I have no worries there. The question is no longer whether or not I’m gong to see The Eagle, but whether or not it will be any good and if you are going to see it. The action seems decent enough and the story-line might in fact be reasonably gripping. On another note, it’s funny seeing Donald Sutherland popping up  in a relatively random film.

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