I didn’t want to go see Easy A. In fact, I had every intention not to go, but I found myself dragged kicking and screaming by a friend. Nearly frothing at the mouth as I entered the theater, I was positively convinced that I would hate Will Gluck’s Easy A. Needless to say, life works in funny ways and I found that I might have enjoyed the movie, at least to a degree.

I don’t even feel like laying out the plot for you. Not because I’m a heartless bastard, but simply because you probably have a good idea as to what the movie is about if you’re reading this review. The movie itself is not unlike anything we’ve seen before, but what stands out is up and coming actress Emma Stone. If not for her general charm and overall likability, Easy A would certainly  have been the disaster that I predicted it would be. Yet the movie brings along with it a certain flair that has gone missing from most teen films of the day. Granted, the whole “teen genre” seems to be dying rather quickly, making it essential for movies such as Easy A to standout all the more.

If you can look past the boring segments of the movie, that needlessly explores all the sentimental stuff, then you’ve got yourself a decent film. The  movie bases itself off flicks from the 80s such as Sixteen Candles and Can’t Buy Me Love, films that are and were quite delightful in their own way. Generally, the amount of corniness and cheese that you’re left feeling is a byproduct of Gluck’s attempt into getting you more oriented in a style of film that is somewhat outdated. The same tales of morality and how they fit into teenage life that were popular over two decades ago, no longer carry the same resonance, which aids in making the film feel more labored than is probably warranted.

As I read what many other critics have had to say about Easy A, I find them highlighting the same point over and over: Emma Stone makes the movie. I’m inclined to believe that if the only thing you find good about the movie is the main star, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Yes, the movie is more intelligent than other teenage comedies, but that’s just the thing, there aren’t any other teenage comedies out in the world! Periods in the movie drag on for unnecessary amounts of time, making it a challenge to not want to do anything else.

Yet, Easy A is not a bad movie, but instead a dated one. If rather it had been released back in 1985, then this would have been a surefire hit. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the same trope ideals that were all the rage back then only come off as hollow reminders of an age long gone. I wouldn’t recommend against seeing Easy A, after all, there are plenty worse movies out there, movies that don’t depend on one actress to carry it all the way thru; if you have the patience, then go ahead, be my guest, it’s not that bad.

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