Last issue featured the return of Bruce Wayne. For those that didn’t know, he “died” almost 2 years ago due to a fiasco involving Darkseid’s omega beams, which didn’t really kill the Dark Knight, but instead sent him hopping thru time. Don’t worry, I’m not sure I understand it all myself. Even so, Batman and Robin #16 is perhaps one of the most significant comics, at least in regards to Batman, to date. The importance lies not in Bruce’s return, though that is kind of a big deal, bringing about the question as to whether or not there shall be two Batmen, since Dick Grayson currently has the mantle, but with this:

In case you just lost track of what happened, allow me to explain. Batman has decided to go corporate, which in turn will lead to Grant Morrison’s upcoming series Batman Inc. While I appreciate Morrison’s contributions to the DC Universe, in almost no way do I ever understand what he writes. All of his plots are insane to the nth degree and are so convoluted with madness that you have to re-read passages and entire series’ over and over until you get what happened. Regardless, this is certainly a new take on the whole Batman mythos, so let’s see where it goes.

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  1. I honestly wish that DC would take Batman away from Grant Morrison. I haven’t been a fan of his work since he started on the character and introduced that Bruce and Talia had a son, Damien. But…I am just a simple comic nerd so I guess I’ll have to just bide my time until Morrison decides to leave and another writer comes in to shake things up again.


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