I’m sorry to say that I haven’t had much posts about comic related events in sometime, but that shall change, starting now. One of the best comic books to come out in a while that is Superman related is J. Michael Straczynski’s Superman Earth One. Truth be told, Superman is not my favorite superhero, as I, and a great majority of people see him nothing more as an overgrown boy-scout who has way too many powers. While that may be the case, Superman Earth One is refreshing in the sense that it examines the roots of the most famous superhero of all time.

Earth One is DC Comics’ response to Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Universe; a reality that is no way tied to the canon of superheroes, but rather a re-imagining of their origins and adventures. That’s exactly what we have here: a re-imagining on the origin of Superman and his ascension into becoming the world’s greatest champion.  Straczynski, who among other things, has written portions of Amazing Spider-Man is a writer who people have very mixed feeling about. I rather found him to excel rather stunningly with his latest work. Artist Shane Davis is also rather phenomenal. His artwork is beautiful to say the least and only aids in drawing you into the story.

Here we have a humanistic view of Clark Kent, a look into his mindset, how he wants nothing more than to lead an ordinary life, refusing to accept the call. Instead of the confident and chivalric superhero we all know, we’re presented with a brooding young man. Don’t interpret that as my saying that Superman is emo, but rather he craves normalcy. The story is immensely compelling and frankly I’m of the opinion that this is one of the greatest Superman stories to be released in years!

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