Here’s the poster for the upcoming Nicolas Cage action flick Drive Angry. Yes, that is Nicholas Cage driving a car that is on fire, giving a look that implies he doesn’t give a damn about that crucial fact. The poster and the trailer were released at New York’s Comic Con just the other week and now they’ve hit the net. Shot in 3D, I have no idea what to think. Here’s the trailer:

So yes, once again we have Mr. Cage looking as though someone woke him up after a bar fight and told him he was going to be in a movie and without giving a chance for the makeup lady to come try and make him appear marginally decent, jumped right into filming. The movie’s plot focuses on Cage having returned from hell to kill the ever-loving skittles out of everyone involved in his and his daughter’s murder. These folks also made the mistake of abducting his granddaughter…the poor bastards. Before you even ask, yes I’m going to see it and yes, I think it’s going to be absolutely ridiculous. Never stop making movies Nicholas Cage!

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