Emma Stone, who’s fairly recognizable now after starring in Easy A, has been dealt the role of Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming Spider-Man movie. At first the idea of her partaking in the movie floated around for awhile, but the decision has been made.

For those who know their Spider-Man related history, you’re perfectly aware of the fact that Peter Parker did not instantly fall for Mary Jane and in fact tried to be with Gewn Stacy; such is the case in this film. It’ll be interesting to see in what capacity Mary Jane (Stone) will be used and to what degree. Marc Webb’s Spider-Man is gaining some interesting actors, actors that I wouldn’t have originally thought of to play their respective roles. With Andrew Garfield as everyone’s favorite web slinger and Emma Stone as Mary Jane Watson, there are only a few major casting choices to be made.


As it turns out, I, along with several other movie info providing sites, messed up last night when saying that Emma Stone would be Mary Jane Watson, when in fact she would be undertaking the role of Gewn Stacy. So I apologize for the mix up, but the next time you see Emma Stone in a multi-million dollar franchise of a movie, she’s gonna have bleached hair.

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