I’d enjoy thinking that DC Comics had the nerve to kill off a reasonably popular superhero, but after Kyle Rayner’s “death” back in Green Lantern Corps #42, in which he perished for all of about 1 1/2  issues, I know Green Arrow is not going to stay dead. Even so, last week in Brightest Day: Green Arrow #2, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and Green Lantern teamed-up against a band of mercenaries, with the heroes winning the day. As GL flew off into the sunset, Oliver got caught thinking about how to better his traps, since he’s excommunicated himself to living in a forest right in the center of his home city. Something suddenly grabs his eye, but it’s too late; next thing we know there’s an arrow sticking out of his head. Who did it? I have no idea, but since the series is ongoing and you can already look up a few future issues on DC’s website, we know Green Arrow is coming back. The only question is how? If you want my 2 cents on the situation, I’m inclined to believe that the White Lantern mark that’s appeared in his forest will resurrect him. Or not. Right now I only care enough so that when the next issue comes out I’ll take a peak.

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