Oh, Tom Cruise, how we love you. Despite whatever appreciation we have for Tom Cruise as an audience, and despite how he may have gone somewhat crazy over the last couple of years only to make a startling comeback with Tropic Thunder, his mere appearance alone is not enough to make a movie good.

Knight and Day, despite its star power and fairly entertaining trailer, falls flat and fails to meet any expectations that hope for a kick ass Tom Cruise flick. Granted, Cruise does help make the movie watchable, what with his general zaniness and wild personality, but sadly this is not enough. There is not even a proper story amidst all that happens, as we simply have Cameron Diaz and Cruise running around for what feels like forever, doing a whole bunch of utter nothing.

This is another instance in which we have a movie that starts off okay and proceeds to go downhill at a frightening pace. What begins as a potentially entertaining action-fueled romp with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise turns into some sort of sappy romance story. What makes Knight and Day fail as a movie in general, is the overall sense of apathy that comes with it. Simply put, we don’t care about the characters or anything else that is offered by the film. Cruise is allowed to be wild and crazy, but to little or no effect, as if the director was worried about taking charge and actually directing.

When all is said and done, Knight and Day is not a good movie. I find this to be a shame, as there was a great deal of potential within the written pages of this screenplay, but for some reason or another it was unable to get fleshed out. No one took any risks when making this movie and all that was relied upon were big Hollywood names and viral videos on the internet. Unfortunately we’re left with a movie that’s entirely forgettable and one that people probably won’t even think twice about.

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