"Sacrifice your puppies to meeeeee!!"

Seeing as how people are seemingly willing to sacrifice puppies in order to get a chance to see Taylor Lautner, I figured what harm could come in providing some unnecessary news about his movie career. Firstly, as some of you know, Lautner is going to be starring in the upcoming action flick called Abduction. I mentioned what the movie was about in one of my previous posts about Lautner, but the movie is well under way and should be released sometime in 2011.

Now, how would you like to see Mr. Taylor Lautner as Wolverine? Well, a young Wolverine, you know, from the X-Men comics/movies, because a rumor has started that he might be chosen for the part in the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie. Hugh Jackman himself seemed amused by the idea of having Lautner take on the role. Honestly though, I’m not sure if I could emotionally handle seeing him pop some claws, tearing into unsuspecting villains.

Additionally, Lautner is not going to be in Max Steel, as a matter of fact, I’m not even sure if the damn movie will ever be made. Instead, he’ll be in the film Stretch Armstrong, and how someone is going to make a full length movie based on a stretchy toy is beyond me. Anyway, I’m bored and so are you if you’re reading this and since I had nothing better to do I figured what the hell. Oh, and for some reason Taylor Lautner’s  new nose bothers me…a lot. I say new because it looks painfully different from what it used to. You know, I don’t care…whatever!

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