Last week marked a point on the long career of Batman comics, with issue 700 being released. Granted, 700 is not too special a number, usually it’s issue one hundred and five hundred that tend to make splashes, but still, you try to keep 700 issues of something continually going. Of course this is the Dark Knight we’re talking about, and it will be many a year before the comic retires.

Personally, in terms of overall quality, the 700th issue of Batman was not all the impressive, leaving me feeling extremely underwhelmed. The premise, such as it was, focused on three separate Batman story lines, from different points of time within the mythos. Each of these, past, present, and future, all managed to get tied together though, as each Batman (Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Damian Wayne) face the same foe. Be that as it may, there’s wasn’t anything especially prevelant that happened in this issue, though the overall theme was nice,  focusing on how there would always be a Batman, even for future generations. Even so, the book didn’t live up to the bar many readers had probably set for it. Oh well.

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