In Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming X-Men: First Class there has been quite a lot of deliberation as to who is going to be in the film and what exactly is going to be happening, other than, you know, teenaged X-Men running around doing whatever it is that teenaged X-Men do. The movie is scheduled to shoot rather soon so that it meets its June 2, 2011 release date.

Recently, it was announced that James McAvoy is going to be playing the part of Professor Charles Xavier. Now, excluding the fact that McAvoy looks absolutely nothing like the dear Prof, along with the whole ‘bald’ thing, I think this might work out. Granted, this is certain to raise questions, such as how the Professor X in X-Men Origins: Wolverine looks nothing like McAvoy. Oh well, I love McAvoy and I believe he’ll do the part justice…at least I pray he will.

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