Last week, DC Comics started off with Brightest Day #1, a sequel to the whole Blackest Night fiasco, in where the universe was being overrun by a bunch of super-powered zombies. The end of Blackest Night left for a lot of unanswered questions, questions that we WANT the answers to. And you know why? Because a dozen of so dead superheroes and villains were brought back from the dead in a non-zombiesque form, including this guy:

Be that as it may, the question arose as to why specific characters such as Maxwell Lord and even freaking Aquaman, were brought back. Brightest Day is hopefully the answer we are looking for. Taking place soon after everyone has started picking up the pieces, a white lantern has fallen to Earth, but neither Hal Jordan or Sinestro are able to access its power. The clue we’re given is that Deadman might be just the key to what’s going on. No longer dead, he’s having trouble finding his place in the world, and now that a white power ring has attached itself to his finger, teleporting him around to briefly eye the other resurrected heroes and villains…we’ll just have to wait for the revelation, whatever that may be.

The series has started off nicely, with a compelling storytelling and wonderful artwork to match. As is the case with any of these story arcs, it’s impossible to know just what the hell is going on, and the only thing you can do is buckle up for the ride. Personally, I have great expectations for Brightest Day even after reading issue 0 and 1, simply because it’s that intriguing. Sadly though, just like how “death” is not a proper emotion, hence the mockery of Blackest Night, I’m pretty sure “life” isn’t one either. Still, the opportunity to see Aquaman stare in disbelief as he unwittingly unleashes dead sharks and giant squids on pirates is pretty priceless. Apparently, unlike most heroes, he doesn’t seem to have come across the whole “don’t kill bad guys” rule that’s been enforced throughout comic book history. Oh well.

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