Before I get started with my thoughts on The Losers there is a point that I feel strongly compelled to make. This summer, as many of you know, we are going to bare witness to The A-Team and The Expendables, two other movies with strikingly similar themes and story arcs. This is important to note, because along the way, someone is inevitably going to confuse the three movies, and this is Hollywood’s plan. If just one out of the three is a success, then the work of the film executives will be complete. Allow me to elaborate further. When I went to the premier of The Extra Man I got to attend a Q&A session with Kevin Kline and he said something that was very profound. Back when he was making The Emperor’s Club he talked to the movie heads and said that the film sounded too similar to Dead Poets Society. Their response, more or less, was: exactly! If you make a movie that sounds like a successful movie, then bam! You’re already halfway there, people will get confused and see your film one way or the other. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t think of a particular movie but instead get reminded of something else, then you’ve already fallen into the trap. Anyway, that’s enough of a preamble.

The Losers, directed by Sylvain White, and based off the comic book series, is not a bad movie. Whenever someone asked me what I thought of it, after seeing the film, my response was always as follows, “It was better than the trailer would have you believe.” This is because the trailers were not good, and left most people feeling as though it was just going to be your run-of-the-mill action flick. Unfortunately for whoever was responsible for the trailers, this resulted in many people becoming disinterested with The Losers and causing them to go see something that was probably even more mundane.

I never read the comics, so I can’t even begin to make the traditional comparison about how faithful the movie was and yada yada yada. As a movie based off a slightly indie comic, I think it got the job done. Granted, there isn’t much we haven’t seen before, and the story of a team being betrayed by their government is mildly overplayed, and will be especially so by the time the summer is out.

Chris Evans, who plays one of the lead characters, is perhaps one of the more amusing pieces the movie offers. I’ve mentioned my hesitation with Evans in believing that he will be an acceptable Captain America, but after seeing The Losers I like him just a tad more. Jeffrey Clay Morgan, playing the gruff leader Clay, also does a respectable part. I can’t remember the last time I even saw Morgan in a role, but he fit the part perfectly, and for that I’m content.

I’m not going to try and convince you that The Losers is a wonderful action flick, because when it comes right down to it, that while it may have been an enjoyable way to spend the evening, there are a lot of better action-related movies out there. Of course I went into the theater with absolutely no expectations and so was not disappointed. In fact, as the bad guy got his at the end of the movie, I was thrilled, grateful that the Losers had managed to save the day. If there’s one thing The Losers does well, is show camaraderie. The bond between the characters is acted out nicely and the audience gets a real sense of how tight this unit is, a fellowship that is thoroughly respected and adds a bit of flavor to the overall feel of the movie.

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