Jimmy Hayward’s Jonah Hex is scheduled to come out in just over a month, June 18, 2010 to be exact, with Josh Brolin as the infamous scarred bounty hunter, Jonah Hex. From what I can tell from the trailer, the movie is offering quite a bang, with lots and lots of explosions and gunfire. Granted, Hex led a rather ridiculous life in the comics, so I see no reason as to why this shouldn’t be able to get translated over onto the big screen.

Still, Jonah Hex has never been a mainstream comic book character, like say Batman, which might make it so that the movie doesn’t get as much attention as it ought. I imagine if people give the movie a chance they’ll probably end up enjoying it and all the while gaining interest in another comic book hero. Just be wary of the explosions, because there are a lot of them and you don’t want your face partially melted off like Jonah Hex, or maybe you do, what do I know?

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